Saturday, June 23, 2012

two tiny things

hey dudes! I MISS YOU GUYS AND BOOTCAMP EVERSO MUCH. I was all inspired to get things going once it was over, but then life took over and all I managed to do was get a cargo collective account (yay! new website soon!) and make these two little typographic specimens. And I started watching Twin Peaks. Does that count as artistic research?

This is just a mini-card I made for my brother, from  a sharpie, highlighter, white out and black felt tip marker. Work supplies as art supplies ftw!

This is a little concept work for a zine I'm planning out with an awesome lady poet I met via the interwebs. 

Are people posting their various websites of interest? I can be found at the following places:
I have a behance but I haven't updated it in ages, so I won't link to it. 

How are you guys doing?

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