Sunday, July 15, 2012

Freelancing Question

Hey guys!

No work to post at the moment, but I was wondering if I could ask you guys a question and perhaps get some feedback.

I was contacted by someone who asked for a quote on a character design for an iPad app. I checked out the company he works for and it is international and has done work for some pretty big-name clients.

I can come up with a range for the basic character design, but since this is for an app I'm not sure where the usage rights fall. The Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook for Pricing and Ethical Guidelines doesn't really cover that for online media. Does anyone know offhand if I should charge for usage rights or if this is a case where I don't retain usage rights or royalties?

Thanks in advance, miss you guys!



  1. Might try contacting keith williams. he spoke at the workshop and he was the guy who worked on apps.

  2. Hi Kaycie!
    I agree - Keith may be your best bet! I wish I could help but it's out of my corner!