Monday, July 9, 2012


Been trying to focus on doing more complex work "in context" instead of random doodles in my sketch book.

In these two i was trying to figure out a workflow. Ive been really getting into mixing Digital and Traditional.
I know i just gotta keep at it... right now this stuff isnt turning out the way i want it... but i guess that is part of learning.

(inspired by the movies "Titan AE" and "Castle in the Sky".)


  1. These are great! I don't know if you ever post your process, but that would be cool to see!! I love the colors in the bottom one!!

  2. Oh dear, lol. It wasnt so much a process as it was a continual cringing of the teeth and trying to cover up my mistakes... haha. yea ill post some process work on the stuff im working on now.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment. You, otoh, are really good!